“Ears on Art” KCBX FM 90.1 radio interview

This two part interview by Crissa Hewitt and Steven deLuque, hosts of “Ears on Art”, first aired June 4, 2014 the second the following week on June 11.  Each interview is about 30 minutes.  Use the pictures as a story board to help visualize the discussion.  Note: Do not click to enlarge the pictures until after the program is finished or it will stop playing.

Crissa StevenFred and Donnell 004Tables 003#15. Pique-assiette fireplace#19. Camp Ocean Pines amphitheater volunteer projectC.O.P. amphitheater 021 (2)C.O.P. amphitheater 109IMG_0420architectural mosaicSea Whimsy scan-cutoutSea Whimsy 083Sea Whimsy 053 Sea Whimsy 084 Sea Whimsy 096CATEGORYA_PASION_FRED AND DONNELL_01Passiflora-SeaWhimsy-insitu (1)mosaic sculptureSea Whimsy 078Sea Whimsy 067mosaic sculpturemosaic sculpturemosaic sculpturePassifloraMosaics3#17 Coastal Life garden bench-Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital public garden#18 Coastal Life garden benchmosaic sculpturemosaic sculpturemosaic sculpturestyrofoam blockstep 1- styrofoam blockstep 3 - cover with fiber meshstep 4 - cover with concreteStyrofoam 058fishmoms stuff 054styrofoam 046photo 2 (2)#10 Pique assiette 21 inch planter100-0017_IMG_3lighterflora and fauna bench jpgmosaic sculptureOrange Tabby: Glass, mirror, shells, copper on styrofoam & concrete. 24"H x 9"W x 11"DOpen studios tour 037fireplaceWorkshops, Tempered glass 0142008 05 01_Fred's Fish_003620140628_190215mosaic garden artWorkshops, mosaic 103Lamp Posts 002Our Yard 019mosaic garden artmosaic garden art20140628_18580320140628_190509workshop calendarTables 003Workshops, mosaic 106Workshops, C.O.P 004

1. studio20140628_185151 (1)20140628_191153CATEGORYG_PASION_FRED AND DONNELL_02#5 Ritter wall mosaic, mixed media mosaic, 9ftH x 8ft 6inW, Jan 2013, San Luis Obispo, CA#6 Ritter wall mosaic, mixed media mosaic, 9ftH x 8ft 6inW, Jan 2013, San Luis Obispo, CaRitter wall mosaiceclectic organic mosaic20140125_15423820140627_171739