Camp Ocean Pines Mosaic Garden Art Retreat

 Mosaic Garden Art Retreat At Camp Ocean Pines 2018

1473 Randall Dr. ·  Cambria,  Ca.  ·  805-927-0254

Dates: March 8-11, 2018   Sep 6-9, 2018   Dec 6-9, 2018


4-day/3 night Option ( Arrive Thursday 4 pm thru Sunday 2 pm)

  • $579 Includes: Instruction, 4 days/3 nights lodging in dorm-style cabins and 9 meals.  
  • $479 Includes: Instruction, no lodging and 6 meals (excludes breakfast).

3-day/2 night Option (Arrive Friday 4 pm thru Sunday 2 pm)

  • $403 Includes: Instruction, 2 nights lodging in dorm-style cabins and 6 meals.
  • $338 Includes: Instruction, no lodging and 4 meals (excludes breakfast).

Experience why mosaic art enthusiasts of all skill levels from around the country continue to return for these fabulous retreats! With over 30 years combined mosaic experience, Fred and Donnell will guide you in a relaxed, motivating, encouraging teaching style that will leave you inspired.  Whether you are a curious beginner, experienced hobbyist or accomplished professional- you will flourish in this creative environment.  The whimsical mosaic fireplace in the Crafts Lodge where you will be working, along with the rest of the colorful mosaics sprinkled throughout the property, is every artist’s haven.    Since Camp Ocean Pines is perched on the hill in a pine forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean you will see awesome sunsets, deer roaming the property and hear seals barking on the rocks nearby. 

What does Donnell say about the food?  “People rave about the meals here at Camp. They are delicious!  Along with the main entrée, each lunch and dinner usually includes a salad bar & dessert.   Each breakfast along with the main entree of eggs, bacon, potatoes, or the like, always includes fruit along with oatmeal, yogurt and more.  Chef Joe and his staff bake delicious homemade focaccia bread, croissants and desserts.  The enchiladas & taco bar with homemade salsa made by Fabiola are a few of my favorites.  I also love the black bean wraps with chipotle mayo, and Joe’s scalloped potatoes.  The bbq tri-tip was really good too.  Hmmmm….I guess I have more than a few favorites!”  Beverages such as juice, coffee, tea, and other drinks are available 24 hours in the dining hall. They can easily accommodate your nutritional needs (gluten free, lactose intolerance, etc.),  just let them know at registration.

what makes this retreat different:
  • Pick the project, tesserae, and mosaic style of your choice. 
  • Variety of materials: tile, stained glass, china, pebbles & shells, (smalti, beads, bring your own)
  • Every project is different than others in class.
  • Choose from one-of-kind, hand made garden art :mushrooms, bugs, birds, fish, 3-D hearts (or other shapes upon request given enough lead time) on poles, etc., or bring your own project (upon approval).
  • Price includes food and lodging!! 
You will learn:
  • Basic mosaic design ideas and approaches that spark creativity.
  • How to successfully use different materials in your compositions.
  • About safety and proper use of various tools to cut tile, china, glass, stone, etc.
  • Overcoming the fear of using a wet saw and other essential power tools.
  • Which adhesives are best to use for indoor and outdoor mosaics.
  • All about grouting, from choosing the right color, deciding to grout or not, to getting professional results.
  • Eco-friendly mosaic-making ideas to recycle, save water and save money!
  • Plus other tricks of the trade learned over 30 years -that’s a lot of “passion for smashin”!

Individual projects to choose from include any projects listed below, or upon instructors’ approval, you may bring your own project to work on. Depending on the project selection, a $20-$100 per project materials fee will apply, payable to the instructors, at the workshop. Also, many other mosaic-ready projects, all handmade by the artists, such as 3d concrete bugs and mushrooms and lightweight weather proof forms such as birds, spheres, hearts, etc., as well as some tools and supplies will be available for purchase.

Along with the artists’ vast selection of tessera (tile, china, glass, shells, pebbles, etc.), you are also encouraged to bring your own interesting materials to personalize your project or to share with the group.


Special tour of  C.O.P.  Mosaics- 

A highlight of every C.O.P. retreat is the Saturday morning instructional tour of the Camp’s mosaic fireplace, amphitheater, stair risers, murals, pebble mosaics and other art on the 12 acre property. We guarantee you will come away full of inspiration, ready to continue creating!

Several weeks prior to the workshop, registered participants will receive an informative email to help prepare for an enjoyable and successful weekend!vr_button(1)

To register: Click on the button and you will be directed to Camp Ocean Pines website.

Info: Fred and Donnell 805.440.3054   Camp Ocean Pines (Luann) 805.927.0254

Outdoor Projects:  *Materials fee paid to instructors on Sunday:
12” stepping stone $20
16” stepping stone $30
8” or 10″ terra cotta pot,sealed $30, $40
16” handmade, concrete birdbath* 21″H x 16″ W 

(Due to large surface area of birdbath, an additional fee for tesserae will be added depending on materials chosen.)

12″ x 18″ x 1″ concrete over styrofoam weatherproof wallhanging*, 

12″ x 18″ wedi board, finished edges



6″ or 8″ ht. round, or 10″ht. fluted concrete mushroom* $25, $55 & $75
11″ x 9″ (approx) concrete wall heart or puffed heart on stake* (12″ x 10″ and up, sizes vary)

(Due to large 3-D surface area of puffed heart, an additional fee for tesserae will be added depending on materials chosen.)

$95 & up
10″ dia. sphere* $85
8″-10″ concrete bugs: beetle or lady bug* $75-$85
 *These projects are one-of-a-kind made by Fred.  In addition to these, students are always excited to see what new hand made projects will be available at each workshop.  
Indoor Projects:  
18” heart mirror $55
15”x 12″ rectangle mirror $55
15” lazy susan $65
12″ x 19″ x 3/4″ primed plywood wall hanging $45
12″ ht. (approx.) table lamp, no shade $45




























Diane Mansell's bugView from dining hall deck at Camp Ocean Pines.Marie Murphy finished her gorgeous mirror!   What a beautiful mushroom Nancy!

Kathy and her puffed heart.Crafts Lodge#19. Camp Ocean Pines amphitheater volunteer projectC.O.P. amphitheater 109

Camp Ocean Pines water shed muralCamp Ocean Pines water shed mural and sink 300 8x11Camp Ocean Pines watershed mural

Camp Ocean Pines water shed muralCamp Ocean Pines mosaic retreat 20141207_114955 Workshops, C.O.P 010 mosaic retreat mosaic retreatmosaic retreat mosaic retreatWorkshops, Camp Ocean Pines 016 mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreatarchitectural mosaicDiane, Trish, & Debbie at Camp Ocean Pines mosaic retreat20141207_120318mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat mosaic retreat